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Unimat PowerLine

The Power-Upgrade for UNIMAT

Unimat PowerLine is an upgrade-system for UNIMAT1 and UNIMAT MetalLine. The strong motor and countershaft are fixed in a metal case and are connected by a broader driving belt.

Together with an existing UNIMAT Set and just a few accessory parts the PowerLine allows to construct various machines, such as: 

PowerLine Woodlathe

With the Power-Drive Unit and Reduction Set even hard wood up to 100mm diameter can be turned. The professional woodturning attachement provides a secure and vibration free tool rest.

Consists of UNIMAT ML 6in1 and
Power-Drive Unit [164 320]
PowerLine Reduction Set [164 325]
Extra longmachine bed 460 mm [162 400]
Professional Woodturning Attachment [162 340]

Unimat ML lathe with power-drive

For precise working up to diameters of 50 mm. With an excentrically adjusted 4-Jaw-Chuck even crankshafts from brass brass can be manufactured. The Reduction Kit combines the the strength of the PowerLine power with the accuracy of the MetalLine. 

Consists of UNIMAT ML 6in1 and
Power-Drive Unit [164 320]
PowerLine reduction gear [164 325]
Steel 3-Jaw-Chuck [164 431]

Jigsaw ML - with adjustable stroke

Grinded steel tappet in CNC processed die-casted housing. Adjusted stroke 4mm (child-friendly) or 8 mm (high performance). Universal saw blade attachment for commercial saw blades.

Constist of UNIMAT ML 6in1 and
Power-Drive Unit [164 320]
Jig saw ML [164 080]
Saw/milling table [162 330]

Circular saw with swiveling angle 0-45°

Whether aluminum sheets, strips of wood or acrylics, etc. with the PowerLine circular saw, items from different materials may be cut cleanly. The rotary table allows for swiveling the saw blade and fixing it at a desired angle (up to 45°). With the adjustable fence and the graduated mitre stop, work pieces can be guided precisely.

Consists of UNIMAT1 CLASSIC and
circular saw [162 330 SET]
Power-Drive Unit [164 320]
Rotary Table [162 300]