Power-Upgrade Package for Unimat ML

Building on the Unimat ML 6in1 kit with the 'MetalLine-Upgrade Package 3 (Power)' also machine variants can with more power can be set-up.

For more power in bigger workpieces. NOT childsafe, only under supervision or for vocational training.

Consists of Power-motor, reduction kit for power-motor, safety adaptor with junction box, circular saw with saw blade, power jigsaw, precision milling attachment, profil milling head set, professional woodturning attachment, 460 mm machine bed with 2 connection pieces.

To setup a second machine or machine variants like:

  • circular saw
  • power jig saw
  • router
  • big woodturining lathe
  • power mill 

Learn more about the Unimat PowerLine here.



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