How to inform even more detailed about UNIMAT1?
The comprehensive handbook (included in CLASSIC case) is available for a token fee at every UNIMAT1 dealer or direct download: Manual_Unimat.pdf

Which material can be worked with UNIMAT1?
Saw: plywood up to 12mm, solid wood up to 8mm
Lathe: the complete kinds of wood, fibre-free plastics, soft and non-ferrous metal up to the temper of brass
Turning Lathe: basically all kinds of wood are turnable, above all short grained woods as beech and fruit woods turn out beautiful. For the beginner we recommend lime wood, because it is relatively soft and has short grains which results in a beautiful surface. Even soft metals can be worked freehanded.

Is it possible to work steel with UNIMAT1?
Actually not, some specialists turn steel at very slight linear machining, but we don’t recommend to.

From which age on do you recommend UNIMAT1?
BASIC: oofficially from 8 years, but if the kids are introduced by someone gradually, it is possible sooner. 
CLASSIC: officially from 12 years, skilled children and tinkerers, resp. those, who have experience with UNIMAT1 BASIC, correspondingly sooner.

What is the range of tolerance?
BASIC: according to the fact, that everything is controlled freehand, it depends on the users skill.
CLASSIC: handwheel scaling 0,1mm
MetalLine: with the MetalLine precision parts tolerance of < 0.1mm can be met

How long is the guarantee period?
Five years on everything, which obviously isn’t subject to wear and tear. Who wants his blunt saw blade replaced after four years should have understanding that we present him with the bill.

Why is the jig saw childproof?
The lift of the saw blade and so the cut movement of the teeth is only approx. 3mm. The skin is capable to move this short distance and wont get hurt (tens of thousand times tested and never needed a sticking plaster!). A cut into the material happens only when the materials are rigid, like wood, plastics or metals.

What is the fundamental difference between UNIMAT1 BASIC and UNIMAT1 CLASSIC?
BASIC is suitable for newcomers and creative, freehand artistic work. Everything that needs a precision job with a die set slide is just the right type for UNIMAT1 CLASSIC.

How does the PowerLine differ from UNIMAT1 system?
The PowerLine is no stand-alone set like the BASIC or CLASSIC case, but an upgrade. With the stronger motor it offers additional possible uses, like e. g. the circular saw. However the PowerLine applications are not childproof.

How does the MetalLine differ from UNIMAT1 system?
As the PowerLine, the MetalLine is an upgrade for UNIMAT1. Here priority is given to increased precision, which is particularly demanded for working of metals for machine model construction.

Is it possible to adjust the speed?
There are several possibilities: the included countershaft is equipped with two gear rims, the motor turns up to 20.000 rpm. Every further countershaft as accessory enables the increase resp. the reduction of power/speed by the factor three. Another elegant possibility to adjust the rpm is the use of an adjustable transformer, available at specialized dealers.

Is it possible to cut threads by use of UNIMAT1?
Actually not intended, but clever persons will always find ways and means.

Is it possible to drive UNIMAT1 through a computer?
Yes. Within the MetalLine the slides are also available CNC-ready. A drive software is available too.