modular system


3D-Printer UNI-PRINT-3D

From the proven Unimat CNC System we developed a 3D printer, based on the same control software and the versatilecontrol platform TCTControl (required).

In addition to high stability and accuracy also the temperature controlled print bed as well as the precise sensors allow for fast production of beautiful models.



• Filament quick change, low maintenance, adjustable guideways
• Full metal frame and sturdy construction
• For all common filaments: PLA, ABS, Nylon, Laybrick etc.
• Open Source Software: Machinekit & cross platform user interface on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android
• LEDs for illumination and colored coded signaling
• Part of the modular UNIMAT system: TCTControl (required), Stepper etc.


Extended Possibilities

• Direct import of ISO Standard G-Code, standard RepRap, G-Code
• HalScope & HalMeter: Observing parameters like acceleration, temperature control circuit etc. during operation
• Easily customizable configurations allow for testing own M-codes and I/Os, integration of other devices like  robots etc.
• Modular design – with expansion port ready for additional functionalities: 2nd Extruder, customer specific extensions
• Autonomous printing




Video set-up instructions