3D Hot Wire Cutting Machine

The hot wire by TheCoolTool®

STYRO-CUT 3D is a new kind of hot wire cutting machine, simple but robust, for the thermal treatment of Styrofoam and similar synthetic materials. With STYRO-CUT 3D a common steel wire is bent and heated up to 850 degrees Celsius allowing you to make cuts in any profile.

With STYRO-CUT 3D, the use of expensive resistance wires that cannot be shaped, is no longer necessary. The main advantages of common steel wire are: it can be formed into any contour to cut 3D shapes, it is much more economical and very durable. 

STYRO-CUT 3D allows for plain, profile, circle and angle cuts and in addition, with the hand apparatus, the user is able to shape with precision from a full work piece, just like a sculptor.

STYRO-CUT 3D has been developed for:

  • the educational field (geometry)
  • decorators, advertisers
  • window dressing & shop display
  • do-it-yourselfers
  • model makers
  • packaging producers
  • architects, interior design
  • stage designers, make-up artists
Tech. specifications
Work Table 350 x 300 mm with X and Y-coordinate adjustment tables,
metric and inch,
made of impact and heat resistant plastic
Bow Frame clearance 355 mm,
max. cutting height 170 mm,
swivel range +/- 45°
Cutting Wire Ø 0.3 – 1.2 mm
Temperature 600 – 850 °C
Electric Unit 230 V/110 V, 50/60 Hz, 25 VA,
4-stage switch (0V/0.6V/1.1V/2V),
VDE 0720, protective system

available in

Styro-Cut 3D Basic version [900 1AA]
Styro-Cut 3D Complete Set [900 1AA Set]
Basic version plus circle cutting device, mitre fence, hand carving apparatus, length stop


Circle cutting device [G1A 030]

For cutting of circles and circle segments. With adjustable limit stop for diameters from 45 mm to 600 mm.

Mitre fence [124 100]

With +/-45° scale and fixing screw. For angular and double mitre cuts (stock-profiles, frames ...)

Hand carving apparatus [900 120]

Hand held device with 1.5 m long power cable. Easy to connect to the socket on the cutting table. Allows for freehand carving of Styrofoam blocks - sculpting made easy.

Length stop [G1A 020]

Adjustable on both sides of the table with fixing screw. Length 250 mm, height 25 mm. For accurate guidance of the parts and parallel cuts.

Further deployment emphases are die production or the body suited adjustment of seats and cockpits with hartfoam fittings.

With STYRO-CUT 3D the use of expensive restistance wires which cannot be bended is a thing of the past.

STYRO-CUT 3D facilitates:

  • facing
  • profile
  • circular and mitre cuts
  • and in addition, with the hand apparatus, the user is able to shape with precision from a full workpiece, just like a sculptor.

Find more about STYRO-CUT 3D in the DOWNLOAD- , and ACCESSORIES-section.