Step 490 Gantry Mill

Step490 Gantry Mill (T-slot table not included)



Step490 - detail view X-axis
Step490 - detail view Y-axis
Step490 - detail view Z-axis

Technical Specifications Step490


Number of CNC axes3
WorkareaX=490, Y=310, Z=150 mm
Max. feed rate1500 mm/min
Size of work base 710*x435 mm (* open work area, larger material can be used)
Overal sizeapprox. 900x800x760 mm
Weightapprox. 55kg
Milling motorKRESS 800FME (800W, collets 8mm, 6mm+1/8")
Further recirculation ball screw spindles, plain bearing guideways   on hardened and polished steel arbors (X/Y Ø 20 mm, Z Ø20mm), 2-Amp stepper motors, reference switches
ControllerTCTCONT6 included
T-Slot tableoptional, see accessories
The pre-installed software allows for loading, manipulating and processing of ISO standard g-code files (RS-274). It also offers an editable tool table and tool path simulation. in addition to the manual also a training book for introduction to CNC and g-code programming is included.

Controller TCTControl


Software and DriversWin (7, 8, 10) OSX, Linux
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet, WIFI (optional)
Axes controllable6
furhter IOs: 6x input for (limit/end) switches, 1x E-stop, 2x relays, 0-10V control signal
Micro steps16
Board1GHz CPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM, 4GB storage
Power supply

External, 110-240 V, 24 V, 5 A