Woodworking for Beginners

PLAYmake is a fully functioning wood-crafting workshop developed for the youngest Do-It-Yourselfers. Creativity and technical understanding are encouraged. The PLAYmake machines are similar to big machine tools (machine bed,slides, drilling table etc.). The little carpenters can learn how industrial machines work in a safe and playful way.

The PLAYmake kit contains all the necessary components to easily assemble the following four different, fully functional, machines. The well designed modular system makes switching from one tool to the next a simple task. Woodturning, sawing, drilling, and sanding become child's play.

Drill Press

  • Drill for wood
  • Drill table surface 100x100 mm
  • Distance table surface to drill up to 40 mm
  • Working radius 34 mm

Woodturning Lathe

  • for soft wood up to Ø 30mm
  • distance between centers 150 mm
  • center height 34 mm


  • Poplar plywood up to 6 mm
  • Balsa up to 20 mm
  • Table surface 100x100 mm

    Sanding Machine

    For sharpening tools and finishing workpieces

    • Sanding disc Ø 30 mm
    • no-load running 2650 rpm


    The only child-friendly jigsaw in the world.

    The short strokes allow for precise cuts, but do not injure the skin. A perfect tool for schools and workshops.Thanks to the childproof construction of all the machines, there is no risk of injury. Skillful youngsters can produce their first creations as early as their pre-school years.

    Simple Handling and Mounting

    Easy mounting on common big building plates (not included)


    Video Instructions

    Contents PLAYmake [801 200]

    • machine bed 320mm (2x160mm)
    • tailstock
    • motor drive unit
    • jigsaw
    • drill
    • drilling and sanding table
    • sanding disk 
    • tool rest
    • 12V safety adaptor
    • screw driver
    • gouge
    • detailed instructions, plans and suggestions
    • wood for turning and sawing, to start instantly
    • safety goggles