Lathes and Mills

With the right tool you can craft any desired workpiece out of any material. You don't even have to be an experienced machinist to achieve great results. The detailed step-by-step instructions (also for each separate attachment) will ease you into the awesome world of machining.

Uniturn and Unimill have been on the market for more than 30 years and over time they have been perfected to the smallest detail.

The modular character of this tool system allows you to gradually expand the construction system.

Starting with the basic lathe you can add on all the desired elements and attachments as your skill level and your machining needs evolve ....until you end up with a complete, perhaps perfect tool shop. (i.e. you can transform your lathe into a vertical mill or drill press simply by adding the milling column.

technical Data
 UNIMill DeluxeUNITurn
max. clearance, table to spindle8,00"9,00"--
travel X axis9,00"9,00"4,25"4,25"
travel Y axis5,00"7,00"--
travel Z axis6,25"5,38"--
depth overall14,00"22,25"7,50"8,75"
width overall15,00"15,00"24,00"32,25"
height overall20,75"23,38"6,00"8,00"
table size70x330mm70x330mm--
swing over carriage--1,75"1,75"
swing over bed--3,50"3,50"
distance between centers--8,00"17,00"
hole through spindle0,405"0,405"0,405"0,405"
spindle nose thread3/4" - 16 T.P.I.3/4" - 16 T.P.I.3/4" - 16 T.P.I.3/4" - 16 T.P.I.
spindle nose taper#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse#1 Morse
 travel of tailstock--1,49"1,49"
taper of tailstock spindle--#0 Morse#0 Morse
protractor graduations0° - 45°0° - 45°0° - 45°0° - 45°
handwheel graduations0,001"0,001"0,001"0,001"
motor100-240V 375-500W100-240V 375-500W100-240V 375-500W100-240V 375-500W
electronically controlled spindle speed range70 - 2.800 rpm70 - 2.800 rpm70 - 2.800 rpm70 - 2.800 rpm

A wide variety of accessories, usually associated with heavy duty industrial machines, offers solution to every conceivable machining challenge / application. Uniturn and Unimill have the largest operational range in its class.

We are avid Uniturn and Unimill users ourselves and we are working on those machines on a daily basis. When precision work is called for, we resort to Uniturn and Unimill and the results are incredible.

Our ongoing product development allows us to offer you machines today with features that will become tomorrow's standards. Our latest "arrival" is an 8-axis (!) milling machine, already turning heads and gaining due recognition in our show rooms and numerous trade shows around the world. 
This is an incredible tool to work with.

Unimill DeLuxe PC, a PC-controlled high end version of a Unimill with its own user friendly software, is also available. Here the legendary precision capability is complemented by the ability to quickly reproduce identical pieces. This means that even rudimentary skills in machining and basic PC knowledge will allow you to run a small scale quality production.

Common applications:
Since Uniturn and Unimill can handle almost any material (even hardened steel !) they are suitable for a wide variety of applications i.e. professional model making, toolmaking, small series production, prototyping .....and more.


  • powerful 500 W motor, speed controlled from 70 to 2800 rpm
  • laserengraved adjustable handwheels, 1 scale interval means 1/100mm slide travel
  • tolerance on the bearings less than 1/10.000mm
  • threading for 32 metric and 28 in inch system, each left- and right
  • motor progressively adjustable

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