CNC-Upgrade Packages for Unimat ML

Customers using the Unimat ML set already, can upgrade their set to CNC functionality.

Because of the proven modularity of the Unimat system, also this upgrades offer a wide range of possible CNC applications. All linear (or rotary) axes in the upgrade packages are equipped with 2-Ampere stepper motors.

The following 2 upgrade sets are available:

CNC-Upgrade Set-4 [160 200CNC4S]

For up to 4 CNC axes.  With the additional CNC rotary unit the following variants can be set up:

  • Lathe
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mill (3-Axis)
  • Vertical Mill with Rotary Unit (4-axis)

Comes with 1 CNC-longitudinal slide, 2 CNC-cross slides and CNC rotary table (all with 2Amp Stepper- motors), 5-axis Controller with CNC-Software package to control 4 axes simultaniously.
Incl. SandyBox to run the CNC software on any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mac etc.)



Learn more about the Unimat CNC machines, software, controller and more here.


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