The modular UNIMAT CNC-System

For flexible and innovative CNC-Applications

Due to the proven modularity of the UNIMAT ML system, UNIMAT CNC allows for countless configurations and CNC applications. The slides of the machines are equipped with 2A  tepper motors. Ideal for the reproduction of work pie­ces and processing of 3D solid models.

CNC Cross Slide
Travel 50 mm and 80 mm
Spindle ø 6 mm, 1 mm pitch
CNC Longitudinal Slide
Travel 145 mm and 445 mm,
Spindle ø 8 mm, 2 mm pitch
CNC Rotary Table
360°/800/2 = 0,225°
machinable materials: wood, acrylics, wax, non-ferrous and soft metals



Technical Data
DriveSteppers, 2 A, 1,8°
Nubmer of CNC axes2
Max. positioning speed300 mm/min
Head spindle3.300 U/min
Travel X/Z50 mm/145 mm (expandable)
Accuracy0.05 mm
Chuck3 jaws (1,8-56 mm inside, 12-65 mm outside)

UNIMAT CNC 3-Axis Mill


Technical Data
Drive Steppers, 2 A, 1,8°
positioning speed
300 mm/min
Travel Z/Y50 mm (expandable)/50 mm
Travel X-axis145 mm (expandable)
Headspindle3.300 U/min, with 1/8" collet
Accuracy0.07 mm

UNIMAT CNC Vertical Mill 4


Technical Data
Number of CNC axes4
Drive Steppers, 2 A, 1,8°
Max. positioning speed300 mm/min
Travel Z/Y50 mm (expandable)/50 mm
Travel X-Achse145 mm (expandable)
Increment rotation axis360°/800/2 = 0,225°
head spindle3.300 U/min, mit 1/8" collet
Accuracy0,07 mm
Incl. all parts for the UNIMAT-CNC machine variants UNI-DREH, UNI-FRAES 3 and UNI-FRAES 4, plus cross plate for bigger parts

UNIMAT CNC Complete Set


Technical Data
Number of CNC axes4
Drive Steppers, 2 A, 1,8°
Max. positioning speed300 mm/min
Travel Z/Y50 mm (expandable)/50 mm
Travel X-axis145 mm (expandable)
Chuck3-jaw chuck metal, 4-jaw chuck plastic
Increment Rotation Axis    360°/800/2 = 0,225°
Head spindle3.300 U/min, mit 1/8" collet
Accuracy0.07 mm
For the thermal treatment of Styrofoam and other hard foams. 3D with additional CNC-rotary unit.

UNIMAT CNC Hot Wire Cutter


Technical Data
Number of CNC axes2 / 3
Drive Steppers, 2 A, 1,8°
Max. positioning speed300 mm/min
Travel X/Y240 mm/145 mm
Size Rotary Tableø 260 mm
Increment Rotary Table360°/800/2 = 0.225°
Cutting bowwidth 170 mm, height 350 mm
Cutting transformatorcontinuously adjustable, 600 – 850° Celsius
Accuracy0.1 mm

Stepper Motor Controller LIN-CONTR


Required for controlling the UNIMAT CNC machines

Power supply110-240 V, 24 V, 4 A
InputParallel 25 Pins
Output3 / 5 motor plugs (4-pin)
Axes controllable3 / 5
Micro steps p. step4
Software includedCoolCNC Live-CD (LinuxCNC)
Further connections5 Inputs for limit switch, 2 Outputs, programmable spindle speed



Adapter110-240 V, 5 V, 2 A
OutputParallel 25 Pins
SoftwareMachinekit (LinuxCNC)

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LinuxCNC Software

Software LinuxCNC and Ubuntu (with realtime-patch)
License GNU GPL (General Public License)
system requirements Pentium III or IV*, min. 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, parallel interface or PCMCIA-Slot
programming ISO-Standard G-Code (RS-274 bzw. DIN 66025)
GUI with chart display of the tool track
CAD- or CAM-functions Yes, simple G-Code generators included (Inkscape, Gcodetools)
controllable axes 9
Languages de, en, es, fi, fr, hu, it, ja, pt, pl, ro, ru, sk, sr, sv, zh (cn, hk, tw)
  * at Pentium IV-processors the first two generations are preferred or processors with low latency (realtime capable)